Design Support


Your business needs as much  support as possible so you can focus on your zone of genius. My monthly retainer packages are custom crafted to:



Give you support on all the kinds of graphics your business needs.

Help you get precious time back so you can focus on growing your business.

Help you strategize and communicate your vision and ideas to your ideal clients.

The best plans for the graphic support you need.

Benefits of booking a retainer...

- You're a VIP. As a retainer client, your projects receive top priority each month and will be scheduled first.

- PEACE AND CONFIDENCE. You know your design needs are covered each month and deadlines will be met.


- GET MORE TIME BACK to focus on what you do best, working on and running your business.

- BUDGET AND PLAN AHEAD. Know what you’re spending up front so no extra paperwork or quotes. Being a retainer client also helps you plan your projects ahead of time.

- TRUST AND GROW. Access to a designer who you can trust to build lasting impressions and grow your business.

- COMMITTED STUDIO. Direct access to an experienced designer who will get to know your brand inside out.

Yes! You're welcome to mix and match what you get designed each month to meet your requirements. If you require something that is a larger project or additional than your chosen package covers then the extra cost will be sent to you for approval and the extra cost will be billed to you at the end of the month.

Can I have something different each month?


All retainers will last for a 4 month minimum commitment from when we first start working together. After this time we will have a review call to see how it's going and to see if your package is still meeting your requirements.

How long do retainers last for?


If you're unsure about which package is best for you then just drop me an email and we can arrange a chat to work out what would best fit your requirements. The option to upgrade or downgrade is available after the initial 4 months.

How do I know which package best suits my needs?


The initial retainer is a 4 months commitment, after which you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade depending on your requirements. At the end of each month we will have a chat to see what you need for the next month to make sure you're getting the best!

Can I cancel my retainer?


The package price is a monthly fee and can't be transferred. A retainer is a great way to plan out what you might need each month. You have access to me each month to meet your goals and requirements. If you would like help planning then I am more than happy to help! If you require extra work then just let me know during our monthly call and I can provide you with the extra cost. You will get a detailed overview each month of the projects worked on and the broken down costs relating to them.

Can I transfer unused hours in the event that I do not need much design support?


You will get an invoice at the start of each month to be paid up front of any design work. Any additional project work will be invoiced at the end of the month at the price discussed.

When will I be invoiced?


Of course! At the start of each day we will have a chat to see what support you'll be needing for the day. If you require extra hours in a day, I can render additional hours and this will be charged at $70/hour. Any additional work time over your package amount will be billed as an extra at the end of the month.

Can I ask for more time per day if needed?